MENTIONArt in Real Time

The Aix-en-Provence School of Art delivers the DNSEP (Advanced National Diploma in Visual Arts) in Art, awarding the grade of Master.

Elle propose une Mention Art Temps Réel à ce master qui qualifie un parcours dans la phase Projet (années 4 et 5) du cursus de l'option Art.



The Masters in A-RT integrates Hypermedia, 3D, Sound and Mechatronics. Working around an artistic thought, a common link/thread is found between the subjects that allows us to question and implement the concept of information flow.
The course is interested in variable, renewable or dependent forms and practices, for which the result is on a fixed entry point and evolving data. Examples include generative computing processes , or interactivity , and may also include other techniques and practices, such as even a drawing activity could be considered if we recognise the process as more important than the result.
In general , the course is interested in artistic fields which, whatever techniques or modalities used , consider and implement work processes that generate the specific stages in the artistic process.

The A-RT course is based on a series of workshops and theoretical lessons which make the student think and use the media as they are generating new forms.

topics covered

The Aix-en-Provence School of Art has more that 20 years experience working in the techno digital domain and can offer its specialised experience combining and cooperating between all subjects. Disciplinary research is at the heart of what the school does, with each seperate department working in close cooperation with the other.



  • Douglas Edric Stanley
  • Guillaume Stagnaro
  • Grégory Pignot

3D and Virtual Environments


  • Ricardo Garcia



  • François Parra
  • Rémi Coupille



  • France Cadet
  • Jean-Pierre Mandon
  • Laurent Costes
  • Christophe Blancard

The school also works closely with, and shares a Research Unit with the Art audio LOCUS SONUS in the Bourges School of Art. Their researchers and scientific director, Peter Sinclair work in cooperation with our school and specifically on the A-RT masters.

All the theoretical classes, seminars and thematic weeks are coordinated by Jean Cristofol and are open to all students in the school.
The Real Time seminar is at the cross point of artistic, practical and theoretical workshops. This is a monthly meeting that allows the student to present their work in progress to other students, teachers and guest artists. This collective environment allows the participant to get feedback of their own work.

the course Art Real Time

The course is part of an internal framework within the school which unites digital technology workshops rather than replacing them.
The student who registers in this option A-RT must choose one of the four workshops as a permanent workshop, and represent it in the Real Time seminar.
This takes place in an open setting in the school , a melting pot of ideas contributing to the creation of art .


As part of his training the student is required to spend part of his 4th year studying or working abroad.

Contrat d'étude

At the beginning of the year, the student works together with their teachers to carve their own study path, and from which they will be evaluated. Assessment will take into account :

  • The existence and relevance of the artistic approach ;
  • The abililty to work on your own ;
  • The exploratory nature of the work ;
  • The ability to work with others on a work placements.

the system

The course provides a rich learning platform with various artistic and scientific partners, where the student can gain valuable hands on experience.

artistic and cultural operators

who organise creative residencies :

places of learning and research

Students are required to follow and engage in a number of meetings, work placements and workshops . This network extends to partners on national and international levels.

admissions information

Students wishing to follow the course must have a National Diploma in Plastic Arts or an equivalent qualification and must attend an interview with a jury. They will be required to present their portfolio and area of expertise aswell as explaining their motivations for wanting to do the course.